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Advanced Folders Watch is a powerful and very flexible tool for managers, analysts, observers, technical support team members — for everyone who has to deal with a great number of e-mail messages, who has respond to e-mail messages on-the-fly, as well as for ones who appreciate their time.

Thousands of the new messages from news conferences are downloaded into common folders on your corporate server every day. Several employees view messages in the conferences on the everyday basis in order to:

  • find mentions of your products and products offered by the competitors;
  • to reveal users searching for software and solutions, to whom trying of your products or products by your partners could be suggested;
  • to get inspired for new ideas and to be in the know of all the problems existing in the areas your company is operating in.

Newsgroups where users come with their problems are a very good free source of new clients for small companies. There is only one problem with it: the number of messages in conferences is just terrible.

On our server, we have our own public conferences concerned with absolutely different problems, and some of them are visited very rarely. There is no sense in checking them several times a day, but we feel very ashamed to find there a message from a user that remained unanswered for a week.

This prompted us to create the Advanced Folders Watch (AFW) a flexible system designed to monitor Microsoft Outlook folder and common folders on Microsoft Exchange server, which saves us hundreds of man-hours and also allows improving the quality of our work with current and potential clients.

How it work

AFW watches the specified folder groups and informs the user of new messages meeting certain selection criteria (filters). User notification can be passive or active. In the first instance, AFW creates posts in the specified folder, containing links to the messages found and message texts. Using the links, one can open a message or a folder it is stored in, by one click. In the second instance, the messages found are shown in a pop-up window with extra features: you can view the new document, open, delete, or copy it. The two notification methods can be combined.

A group of settings consisting of the list of folders, filters, and notification settings forms a rule — a main logical component of the program. The number of rules AFW can work with is unlimited. The rules are created using the Wizard, and then, in the rule properties editing mode, one can set the most sophisticated system of filters to select messages. In the properties editing mode, rule testing is also available — for example, you can check if the rule will work for messages received within the past month or half a year. The testing mode not only helps debugging the rules to avoid erratic operation, it can also be used to process an old message database.

AFW offers solutions for a wide range of tasks related to message monitoring in public folders. And we hope it will become your true assistant, your navigator in the electronic information ocean.

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Trial version of Advanced Folders Watch has no limitations. But if you would like to use this software after the 20 days evaluation period a registration is required.

You can order the fully licensed version over the Internet with any major credit card, bank-transfer or wire Paypal.

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