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SYNCING.NET connects!

Other software companies have their eye on big enterprises clients. Their solutions cost thousands of dollars and a doctorate degree in computer science to set up.  SYNCING.NET believes in giving power to the people and we have created this software with you in mind.  It’s affordable and it’s easy.  You are just a few easy clicks away from collaborating like a Fortune 500 company

Top Features

  • Set up a SyncNetwork in 5 mouse clicks.
  • Familiar environment. Outlook, Windows Explorer.
  • Automatic synchronization of changes. Once your SyncNetwork is setup, save a document in a synced folder at home and you will find that document in the same folder at work, on your laptop, on your colleagues computer. Look Mom! NO HANDS. It just works.
  • Create SyncNetworks based upon relationship or purpose. One for friends, one for family, one for backups, one for shared calendars etc …
  • Your data is always in your control and never hosted on external servers.
  • Secure data transfer. The same technology that protects the worlds e-commerce transactions is used to transfer data in your encrypted SyncNetwork.
  • Easy, Easy, Easy. No IT know-how necessary.  We’ve standardized the thecomplex system of synchronization so you only Windows Explorer and Outlook to get amazing functionality. Point, click, done.
  • Routers, VPNs, firewalls, Oh my! Don’t worry about it. You won’t need to worry about any of them with SYNCING.NET.
  • No additional hardware. SYNCING.NET doesn’t require server hardware or software to accomplish the same functions that enterprise users are accustom to.

How is Home Edition different from Professional Edition?
Home Edition has some limits on the number of networks you can create and the number of PCs that can connect to a SyncNetwork. If you need more than the limits listed below, you need the Professional Edition.

  • Only one Outlook SyncNetwork (Emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes)
  • Maximum 3 PCs per SyncNetwork
  • Maximum 100 Outlook folders

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