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Synchronization between Notebook and PC. Why is it normally not possible to synchronize my Outlook® from my Desktop PC with my Notebook?
My mobile phone can synchronize with my Outlook®, my handheld PC can do this, why not one PC with another PC?
All users with a Workstation and a Notebook who wants to have the same datas on both machines have this problem.The answer for this questions is very easy. A program is available when sombody developed this tool.
Public SyncTool is those kind of program. You can install it on all Windows Sytems, and all Outlook® versions. You can select different folders that you want to synchronize. You will get an escalation inquiry before you delete an item. You can install different synchronization profiles only for contacts or for calendars.

You can use Public SyncTool as Backup system to save all your items in a second PST file. Public SyncTool is a smart program and very powerfully.

What is synchronisation?

If you are using additionally to your desktop PC also a notebook, you would like to keep the Outlook® data of both systems synchronous surely. Doubled or even repeated data retention (redundancies) should be avoided in a network, if possible, or do you copy each document that lies on the server, additionally again on each PC?
Notebooks or Handheld PC (Palm, PDA, Blackberry etc..) make here an exception. To synchronise Outlook® between a PC and a notebook to you have the following variants:
  • Install Exchange® Server
  • Copy regularly the Personal Folders
  • Install synchronisation software: Public SyncTool (PST)
To copy regularly the “Personal Folders” is exactly said no synchronisation. Synchronisation is called literal: Manufacturing the parallel feed of procedures or machines.
Transfer in our case: Providing two data records and the exchange of new information equal by older entries, whereby only the part of the data record is changed, which is unequal.
A temporally current entry is not compellingly the correct one thereby.
They are on the way to a customer discussion and another customer call you at 3:00 pm in order to shift a date for the next day for 2 hours. At 4:00 pm this customer calls again in your company and communicates to your secretary that the date must fail unfortunately completely and your mobile telephone was unfortunately switched off and he did not want to speak on the mailbox.
Around 4:15 pm your secretary deletes this date from your calendar.You register in the evening around 7:00 pm the shift date in your Notebook, because you had before no time in addition, because you were in a customer discussion. Now you connect yourself with your company by Dial-In and you want to synchronise this date.
The temporally current date is the shifted date, not the deleted. With?out escalation inquiry you would drive 350 km thus on the next day to a customer, who definitely will not be there.

But we developed an inquiry, which protects you against such cases. With the Public SyncTool a list will indicate you, as soon as both entries were changed.

Public SyncTool (PST)
The Outlook® synchronisation software for notebooks.
Benefit for your company
  • PST: Notebook synchronisation without Exchange® Server
  • PST: Escalation inquiry by reciprocally changed entries
  • PST: Supported also the “Public Folders” of Public ShareFolder®
  • PST: Off-lines entered data are available with Public ShareFolder® for everybody
  • PST: Integrates itself smoothly for the user of Public ShareFolder®
  • PST: Is easy to administrate
  • PST: Reduces operating time and costs
  • PST: Been based on the stable WindowsNT systems
  • PST: Offers optimal investment protection
Benefit for the user
  • PST: Only updated data are synchronised
  • PST: Escalation inquiry with reciprocally changed entries
  • PST: Visualized surface for support at the administration
  • PST: Support of several synchronisation profiles
  • PST: Supported also the “Public Folders” of Public ShareFolder®
  • PST: No loss of the attitudes? by off-line function
  • PST: Is easy to administrate
  • PST: Offers optimal investment protection

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