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Send Personally Component (CSP) provides for personalized message distribution in Microsoft Outlook 2000-2007.
It is widely known that Microsoft Outlook offers devices that allow nay message distribution, whatever complicated. However, this statement is only true in theory. In practice, when a program designer working with Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Application tries to create distribution solution using those devices, he immediately faces a pretty wide range of problems. The most serious problem here is Microsoft Outlook security system response, which results in five-second delay when trying to send a message. Besides, the security system hampers recipient list management, etc. Another problem deals with low throughput of high-level languages when working with large texts (which often need to be sent via e-mail).
CSP offers you easy solution for the above problems. When you are using CSP in your software product, you don’t need to delve into the peculiarities of Microsoft Outlook mail sending and storage system: you just pass the message you need to distribute to CSP, and it does all the rest operations itself!
With CSP, you application will be capable of the following:

  • distributing personalized Microsoft Outlook messages (recipient of such message will only see his address in the To field);
  • inserting recipient personal data into each copy of the message being distributed, with help of macros. CSP allows using static (same for all recipients) and dynamic (calculated based on recipient information) macros. With dynamic macros you can define your own custom macros and calculate their values yourself while sending! Calculation complicacy is only limited by your skill. For example, you can use recipient information from Microsoft Outlook contacts or from an external source (e.g., database) as additional recipient data;
  • Considerably reducing the size of each sent message by reducing the recipient table size.