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The IncrediMail Protection Center is a service that will enable the user to ward off unwanted – or even dangerous – mails and links.
With the help of the IncrediMail Protection Center the client will no longer have to worry about “hidden messages” that may affect his computer respectively about being flooded with mails of no relevance to him.
This service consists of three elements:
Link scanning
Once the user receives a mail carrying a link to a harmful website the IncrediMail Protection Center will send him a warning straight away by high-lighting the respective link in red.
Spam blocker
The IncrediMail Protection Center is an anti-SPAM solution that was created in order to ward off any SPAM and junk mails before they even reach the user`s in-mail.
Junk mail monitor
What is more, the IncrediMail Protection Center provides the subscriber with a reporting system that gives him the actual number of SPAM mails that could be stopped before being able to hit the user`s in-mail.
It is in particular the latter that will give the user the nice feeling that “someone” out there is protecting him. Users will be surprised at how many attacks are launched on a person`s computer each and every day.
One year licences.