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Stop emailing the ordinary way. Upgrade your online life for an incredible Email Experience!

IncrediMail Plus is a new full service for your emails. It offers you security, support and individuality for your private and business mails.

With IncrediMail you will never have to worry about your data again. All of your content is saved and backed up – including your email accounts at Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and other services.

IncrediMail helps you to focus on the important things in life. With IncrediMail you won’t receive any advertisment or spam. And you won’t spam others! IncrediMail Plus eliminates promotional links at the bottom of your outgoing emails.

Step out of the faceless crowd of email users. Include a voice message in your emails for a special personal touch and stay in mind.

Your IncrediMail user surface can be customized for your personal comfort. You can assign a different Email Notifier to each of your contacts and change the look of your IncrediMail Plus with skins. A huge collection of skins and a continuously updated repertory guarentees there is always the perfect choice for you.

Why keep worrying about your data, bothering about an uncomfortable user interface and bugging others with unwanted promotional links in your emails? Put the awkward site of online life behind you. Choose IncrediMail Plus.