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+ No Advertisements Displayed – with Incredimail Premium

Seen enough advertisements to last a lifetime? NO advertisements will be featured in your Status Window.

+ No Link at the Bottom of Your Outgoing Email

IncrediMail Premium lets you write email with no strings attached. The IncrediMail promotion embedded into your outgoing emails will be completely removed.

+ Voice Message Recorder

Personalize your emails even more by adding your own voice to your emails. All you need is a voice and it’s as simple as Record – Save – and Attach. With this hi-tech innovation, you won’t ever have to type another word!

Sender ID – your Notifier just got smarter

Wouldn’t you like it if your Notifiers were smart enough to identify the sender of each email that you receive? IncrediMail Office Premium Notifiers have artificial intelligence and are able to display a specific Notifier for any person that you choose. Mom’s emails can be notified to you by the Butler while your friends’ email can be delivered to you by the Sumo wrestler. You won’t have to wonder WHO sent you that last email anymore.

+ Skins – change the look of IncrediMail Premium

Change what your IncrediMail looks like. Select from our wide and constantly growing Skin Gallery and add even more spice to your email experience. Fit your IncrediMail into some nice ‘Blue Jeans’ or switch your look to the precious ‘Ruby Red’.

VIP Technical Support

IncrediMail Ltd. receives numerous support requests.
As a valued Premium Member, your support questions will receive first priority

Bonus – Specially made Letters, Animations and Notifiers

For IncrediMail Premium customers only, unique handpicked Letters, Animations and Notifiers are available within the IncrediMail Premium application. This special content is not even available in the Gold Gallery.

Ever get stuck downloading an email that you didn’t want? Want to have more control over your incoming emails? IncrediMail Premium saves you time and money by letting you have full control over which emails to download or delete directly from the server. With the Advanced Account Access feature you are able to delete spam, ignore those heavy files that take hours to download, completely remove suspicious emails that may infect your PC or select just one email that you have your eye on. Go ahead, take control!

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