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  • Place your pictures in your emails
    Go on; admit that you love to show-off your family photos. The Letter Creator introduces a brand new medium to express yourself through email. Design special Ecards and Letters of your family, friends, pets and yes, even yourself so that you can share them with everyone.
  • Have your emails look the way you want them to
    Finally, a way to take full control over the appearance of your emails! Now you can express yourself by designing Letters with your favorite rock star, sports team, actor or any other interest in the background of each email you send.
  • Email Letterheads for your business
    The Letter Creator is a simple and inexpensive solution for businesses looking to establish their brand image through email. Produce professional email Letterheads that feature crucial brand images and marketing components such as logos, contact information and even promotional Internet links.
  • Flaunt your artistic skills
    Have a creative soul? Think you can design better Letters than we can? Use the IncrediMail Letter Creator to select your Letter?s 3D effects, font styles, images and start flaunting your artistic skills. Everyone that uses your Letters will be exposed not only to your wonderful creations but also to your copyright credit featured at the bottom of the Style Box.
  • Thank you for supporting IncrediMail
    The support and enjoyment of our users lends a helping hand to the constant success of IncrediMail Letter Creator. With your assistance, the enrichment of IncrediMail is inevitable, and the development of new wonderful products is possible. Thank you for helping us offer you a growing collection of incredible products.
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