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Duplicates Remover for Outlook is powerful and flexible tool intended for search and processing of duplicates in Microsoft Outlook folders. Program process contacts, notes, tasks, journal and calendar items in Microsoft Outlook folders. To remove duplicated email messages, try another our product — Duplicate Email Remover.

You can use Duplicate Remover for Outlook to find duplicates both in one folder and in different folders. A duplicate found could be: marked with flag, deleted, copied or moved to any folder you choose.

Priority system in add-in is used when you search duplicates across several folders. Using the priority system, you can specify, for example, that of the two identical items stored in the folders “Important Letters” and “Temporary Folder”, it is the item from the temporary folder that should be considered duplicate and needs to be deleted (marked, moved).

Action over a duplicate

  • Mark with the flag – the duplicate will be marked with the flag ;
  • Remove the flag – the flag will be removed;
  • Move to folder… – duplicate found will be moved to the duplicate folder specified below;
  • Copy to folder… – duplicate found will be copied to the duplicate folder;
  • Copy to folder and mark with the flag… – duplicate will be copied to the duplicate folder and marked with the flag in its current location.
  • Delete (move to Deleted Items folder) – duplicate will be moved to the Deleted Items folder.
  • Delete permanently – duplicate will be deleted permanently (bypassing the Deleted Items folder).

Duplicates Remover for Outlook is fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server and may be used to process public folders on server. Also, if you have the permission to connect to folders of other users, you can process folders of other users as well, as your own folder.

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